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My ntl Pledge, Mr Winterberg......


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Mr Winterberg,


As of yesterday the total amount received by the club, and cleared by its bankers, for funds raised from the Clash of the Titans was £2996.


You may recall my pledge during a drunken stuper, where I stated Le Mans will generate an NTL donation not smaller than double the figure actually received on the day the first people depart for La Sarthe.


So thats the pledge, and now England are through to Round 2, I don't perceive it will be a problem!


£5992 is the target, here we come!


ANyone wishing to pledge agaist K2 RUM coming back home under its own power is welcome to make a side donation! Odds of this happening are 8:5 for it making it!




Arnie Webb

Trip Organiser


To book for this years Le Mans Trip see The Le Mans Trip Website

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