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Windscreen glass removal?

SLR No.77

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Has anybody removed and refitted the windscreen glass? What's involved?


I am planning on having my polished surround powder coated black, but would prefer not to suffer the cost of a new unit.




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Fairly straight forward.

One screw each side holds the bottom piece of the surround to the top/side. It then needs a good pull to 'break' the rubber seal holding the bottom onto the glass.

Having done this recently I can offer you a top tip - try and avoid placing the old screen on the floor and then stepping on it.


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Holy thread resurrection Batman, etc etc. Given I've just cracked my screen trying to get the glass out... anyone any idea how I can remove the screws that hold the glass in place? I've just tried brute force with WD40 and that's what cracked it :D


How much is a new screenglass too.. or do NIG/MSM do screen replacement, the crack did start from a chip in it!


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