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World Record for Brain James Minno Trailer

Mark Chilton

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I proudly collected my brand spanking new Minno Trailer from Brain James in Daventry late this afternoon.


25 miles and 45 minutes later I got 'rear ended' whilst stationary in traffic on the J9 slip road (Oxford exit) of the M40.


Is this a record or have you or do you know some unfortunate person who can beat this!?


A couple of glasses of red wine are helping me to become philisophical about the incident. hic!





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Not quite a trailer but I sold an immaculate Lotus Europa SII to a chap from Bury several years ago at about 5.30pm on a Friday afternoon and by 6pm, the car was a write off on the M6 near Knutsford - one of my friends saw it smashed on the hardshoulder straight afterwards.


Apparently sitting very low (is there any other way in a Europa!) and heading into the late afternoon sun, he didn't notice the queuing traffic going into some roadworks and ploughed into another car.


He had only just taken out a loan for the car and couldn't afford fully comprehensive insurance.... the car was at Christopher Neil's for months afterwards.



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