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French Fans


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A bloke on his way home from work comes to a dead halt in traffic. He notices a police officer walking back and forth between the lines of cars so he rolls down his window.


"Officer what's the hold up?" he asks. The officer replies:


"It's a French fan, he's just so depressed about losing to the Danish, being knocked out of the World Cup, finishing behind England, and the prospect of winning f***k all after gobbing off four the last 4 years. He's threatening to douse himself in petrol and set himself on fire. He says his family hates him and his mates are all laughing at him" I'm walking around taking a collection for him."


"Really?" says the executive "How much have you collected?"


"So far," replies the policeman, "only half a gallon, but a lot of people are still siphoning."






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