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Seen on the Isle of Mull

pierre garman

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Have just sold my 7 and tried to forget about it by holidaying on Mull. Imagine the surprise to find a well wrapped up 7 idling its time away in the St Columba car park at Fionnphort, Mull. Was the owner on his hols too or does it belong to a local?

Couldn't see reg'n or colour as well covered. But there can't be many 7's on Mull. Difficult roads to have a good blat up there I would imagine.




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Yea I was up there last November and noticed it so he I would say he was local. Then again it is a waste of time on Iona. I would love to find out where he got his cover from, it must work.


Buzzin' Beeid=red> cool.gif cool.gifcool.gif

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