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graunching clutch.....

nick p

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Hi there,


Question from a newbie so go easy on me...


I've got an 02 Academy car with about 3k miles on. Noticed recently an occasional graunching noise from the clutch in first. Typical occurence= out for a blat or on the track, come to slow at a junction/pits out of second into first. Depress clutch and it grates and graunches, select first and bring clutch in and its still doing it, so in/out with the clutch a couple of times then it seems to stop...until the next junction. Its is not graunching on the gears at the bite point, because its doing it in neutral too First occured at very wet Silverstone and an instructor mentioned it might be dampness in the release bearing. However its also happening in the dry now. Any ideas??






PS another academista is experiencing same problem

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The release bearing carrier can disintegrate which gives this. The six-speed gearboxes were most prone with their aluminium front covers, but there is now a replacement with a steel sleeve. Don't know why yours might have gone.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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