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sad.gif Been to thruxton for a "introduction Motorsport day"


Not too impressed . Did not learn too much it felt like a have a go at a theme park experience. would not recommend it.


Where can i go for some good tuition and experience, dont need to drive fast just learn and understand principles so i can drive fast safely.


trying to use symbols might not have grasped it yet though

question.gif question.gif question.gif eek.gif



He who ate all the pies !!!

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Do an Airfield day with one of the organisers, Easytrack have one coming up in the North at Elvington or Motorsport Events at Kemble and Hullavington


They both always have instructors there who will be happy to help



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I recently went to Thruxton to the Ian Taylor school. It was OK, but certainly not worth the money and I too would look elsewhere next time. I think Castle Coombe would allow you on the track for personal supervision in your own car. I don't know how much or how good the lessons are. Maybe someone will tell us!



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