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Another Se7en Sport?

Psycho man

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Ducking 4 cover as I speak.


Having recently found out that Se7en's do very well (I mean surprisingly very well)in muddy terrian and going up steep un-made tracks; all power to weight, clutch control and reading the topographry and contours (important for that sump protection. Speed bumps - what good practice you are). And remembering a very old book I had, 'The Observer Book on Motor Sport' whicih had a Se7en type car doing the semingly imposiible going up a muddy hill with the passenger leaning on the back to get traction, I am wondering if there is a sport like this where Se7ens are used. I don't think I'm really serious in this, seems to waste all that wonderful road holding advantage, but I'm just curious. Don't ask how this came to be for me, but sometimes one goes down a track that there is only one exit from, and it's not the route you came in on. Another test for my Se7en - passed with flying colours smile.gif

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Yes when the lotus was first produced it was used for car trials AND track as these were the main motor sports at the time I competed in trials in a seven type car with fiddle brakes [independent hand operated rear brakes ] in the early 80's these events were organised by the 750 club so if you want to find out more contact them

And before anyone says anything Yes I'm that old

but never too old to enjoy sevening

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