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Fitting Q/R steering and cycle wings

Tom Pickering

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Just taken delivery of 22% Q/R steering rack, cycle wings and all brackets (converting from Clamshells) and 260mm Momo with quick release rack.


I've never fitted these before so:

Can anybody give any essential hints and tips with regards to fitting these ie; order of fitting, things to look out for, torque setting etc.

I'm not too bad with a spanner.


Any advice gratefully recieved.

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No big deal really:

1. You need to remove the rad to fit the rack.

2. Remove the flares.

3. Remove wing/light brackets.

4. Decide on how you'll fill the holes. I used interior trim buttons which are painted to match.

5. T-cut the side skins to get rid of any marks.

6. Fit the new brackets & drill wings (2.5" back from leading edge wing & 3.5" apart)/brackets.

7. Fit headlamps/indicators to new brackets with wiring inside the tubing.

8. Disconnect upper steering column clamp.

9. Put key in ignition to imobilise steering lock & pull off upper column. Often needs a lot of positive pressure to remove!

10. Fit new column (may need to replace top column bush)

11. Drill wheel to fit boss. Or get someone to do it who's done it before.



1. To fit the bracket over the stub axel turn the wheels.

2. Drill the fibreglass very slowly & ideally through the gel-coat 1st. Place masking tape over the gel before drilling.

3. Use something (like a rubber grommet cut in half) to insulate the wing retaining bolts. Or glue them on.

4. Get someone, who's done it before, to drill the steering wheel.


Torque settings:

1. Steering rack to chassis 5-7 ft/lbs

2. Track rod ends 20-25 ft/lbs

3. Top wishbone/front upright 20-25 ft/lbs

4. Stub axels 40-45 ft/lbs. Remember to use half thickness nuts.


Good luck


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I agree with getting someone who knows what they're doing to drill the steering wheel - I managed to make a real pigs ear of mine recently!


I did however successfully bond my cycle wings on, rather than bolt. They look rather good and haven't fallen off yet... There's plenty of info if you search on cycle wings.

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