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Live axle handbrake adjustment

Ade Ray

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Hi All


My handbrake has gone very slack and last night I was trying to work out how to adjust the tension in the cable. Both ends of the cable seem to have permanent brass fixings on. Couls someone please point me in the right direction.




Ade biggrin.gif


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The two ends are connected via a bar and cable and attached to the chassis via a rubber strap (high tech?). Both the cable and the bar have adjusters relative to the rubber strap so that you can tighten the overall length of the bar and shorten the cable.


The aim is to get a small amount of slack in the cable so that the handbarke does not catch slightly as the axle bobs up and down, but not so slack that you can't put the handbrake on for the MOT test and finally that the rubber strap is not being pulled either way when the brake is off.






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Talking handbrakes.Does anyone know of a conversion to mount the handbrake lever on the side of the transmission tunnel...I have a Vauxhall live axle Classic with the level under the dash.


It would be a useful move for the odd autotest in the future

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