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pray for sun


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You luck man, I know the feeling.


Had mine for about 4 months, and had to wait a week to collect it (worst week of my life, bar the build-up to getting hitched).


I live in Carshalton, give me a shout and we can go for a blat.



Red 1.8 VVC with Caterham web address down the side (will explain)


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Coo! I've seen several green sevens with yellow stripes, but not the other way around. Sounds very nice, good choice Mark!


Where are you picking it up from? I intend to be in Caterham on Thursday, I'll keep an eye out if you're there.


Cheers! teeth.gifid=orange>

Laurence 'LOZ' Wilsonid=purple>

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Congratulations on your purchase.


I think we met at the BP station in Sutton and also at the

Surrey area meet. I have the 1.6SS in Green with the yellow stripe. I am away at Le Mans this weekend but when I get back perhaps we can meet up for a Blat. All of a sudden you will find that there is a good reason in life for getting up at 5.30am!



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  • Area Representative

Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to inane smiles, bugs in the teeth, ringing in the ears and wild hair days teeth.gif


I have just sold my car last night and already looking out of the window and wondering how to spend my evenings and cash looking for the next one.


Have a blast - and take the doors off!!





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