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DVLA personal Plates

dan mackman

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Well 'R300 SLR' is worth something to anyone with an R300, if I had R300 JMS (my initials) then its only the plate for me and my R300, when I sold the car the plate's no good so I'd be better with say R1 JMS or something. I thought R300 = car model and SLR = well we all know what that means, could stay with the car as an added touch..
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No, the "R" denomination came in after the introduction of the SLR. We then had the SLR500, shortly-after clipped to R500. So, "R300 SLR" is technically wrong as Peter says.


Edited by - V7 SLR on 14 Jun 2002 11:20:44

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Your plates are rubbish James and if we slag them off enough you might not make a profit on any of them!wink.gif hehehe!smile.gif


Suffice it to say that if I had another Seven I'd buy one of them off you.


C7 GAR id=red>


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James,R300 SLR is a great reg,even if the philistines won't buy it from you at a decent price.

I have C7 MGX (MG-Xpower get it?).So if somebody wants to offer

2000 pounds for it then its their's at a bargain price (C7 VVC is for sale at Newreg.com for 3324 pounds(inc vat).)



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