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K-Series starting


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I kbnow this has been done to death, but I'm planning an assult on my 1.6SS tonight to finally get it started after about 50 failed attempts.


Sequence as follows: immobilise, turn key, click & whirr, no action from the starter.


I've tried the five-click disable button route, but to no avail. Last time I managed to get it started, it was after I hit the tilt-switch reset button.


I'm planning to look at the solenoid, but (sad to admit) I wouldn't know a solenoid if it fell on my head, so a few pointers as to what it looks like & where it is please ('96 1.6 k-series).


Failing that, I'll try the rocking back & forward in gear.


Failing that, HELP .......




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Rocking the car back and forth won't help as the starter isn't mechanically connected to anything until the Solenoid fires!



If you can get it to me I can look at it straight away (FOC), Where in the country are you? Post here or e-mail if you prefer





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