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numbers for club sprints


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reading the blue book, it goes on about black numbers on a white background of X * Y dimensions.


However having seen some piccies from various club sprints this doesn't seem to be needed.


So assuming that is Ok to run with just numbers, where can I get some from, and or can I get away with some made up numbers using black tape?



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The Blue Book requires 'acceptable to the timekeeper on the day' numbers for speed events. Making numbers up from black tape is a bit cheapskate, but usually suffices.


It's important (if you want to be a good citizen) to make them readable. At Curborough and MIRA the timekeepers sit in a hut or caravan beside the line, if they can look through their window and read your number as you approach the line then they'll be happy.



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I took advice from Dave K on that one. I was a bit worried that if I left backgrounds on the car the paint would fade, so whatever I do for numbers they have to be applied on the day and removed at the end of the day.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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If you're car 11 tape is easy.....


On a stage event I once saw a competitor sitting down with a tin of black boot polish and a paint brush. With entries at over 150 quid and tyres at 100 quid each spending 20 minutes with a paint brush to avoid spending 25p on a number seems a trifle bizarre.... Hang on, that reminds me of a joke!!!

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