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4 speed gear ratios required to do speed calcs


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Is it always this way? I sent my tired crossflow to a builder for rebuilding. I asked him to quote to rebuild to the same spec as it is currently in, then I'd think about upgrades once I knew the basic price. Of course, he sent me a quote including upgrades and now I'm completely hooked. I just have to have the upgrades.


Anyway, can someone tell me the gear ratios of the standard escort sport four speed box, as fitted to a 1987 live axle supersprint? Also, the final drive ratio of the ital axle fitted to such a standard supersprint? I have seen ratios quoted but was confused and not sure they applied to my car. I'd be grateful for your help.


Once the engine is built and rolling-road tested, I want to be able to work out optimum gear change points.


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