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I'm about to do my first sprint, on 22nd June....


I have a roadsport 1.6k series and I'd like info on the following:

a) How do I find which MSA class I would be in?

b) Where can I get one of those timing struts to fit to a Seven?

c) How do I fit them to a Seven?


I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions prior to the day, all you help would be grately appreciated.





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What sprint are you doin Charlie ??


It is most likley that you would be in the upto 1700 cc modified kit class = 2A . That is if you are on list 1a tyres .


I assume you have a license ?? - if so the entry form for your sprint and the blue book contain all the info on whats allowed on the car , saftey equipment required , and dimensions for a timing strut .


Contact me off line if you want any further info charlie .




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