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Best view of a seven

Seven in SA

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Having cleaned my garage yesterday I sat down and looked proudly at my days work. Put the seven back in and then started to look at it from different angles to see which looked the best. I settled on a 45 degree angle from the front drivers side wheel at a distance of two metres. Even the dogs came and sat with me as I admired the view.


Is this sad or does every one do it and in your opinion what is the best veiing angle.



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Low down from dead abeam on the LHS.


On a Superlight, you notice the shortness (no overhang) from not having a spare wheel and the simplicity of not having a windscreen and you get to see the neat tuck of pipes joining the collector with the exhaust reminding you that it has got an engine in it. Best in a bright colour.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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Finally got around to fitting my new front wheel arches this weekend. They're slightly wider than standard cycle wings (to cover 7 inch ACB10s) and require cut-down wingstays to mount them close to the wheels (they're for 13 inch wheels, rather than Caterham's 14 inchers). I also mounted the headlights on new brackets which position them close to the nose and lower. Now, from the front V7 looks very low and very mean. Apart from the "look" from the driver's seat, this is the best view. I also think that the style I was after with the Azure Blue and black-pack finally looks right, as I've left the new wings unpainted CF.
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Will take a few tonight and mail them to you. One of my local lads made the brackets for his SV. I liked them at the time and asked him to make me some. He made them immediately and gave them to me but I had my doubts whether they'd fit without interfering with the upper wishbone and whether I'd like them, but eventually got round to fitting them, and I have to say they look superb.


Peter's made a few sets for people now. He says he'll do them for 25 quid delivered which seems reasonable to me.

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Clams or cycles, the ONLY view is from the drivers seat as Miraz and Grim & Vomit have already said.


Deeps smile.gif

Deep down you know it makes sense.


Edited by - deeps on 10 Jun 2002 15:34:05

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