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What is it with people speeding outside schools?

Dirty Den

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My journey to work involves a drive past a school, which is normally just as the parents finish dropping their kiddies off.


Today, I had the privilege of some to$$er in a Beemer right up my chuff, I was in my tin top. I was doing 30, but he insisted upon getting right up my rear and making it clear that he wanted to go faster. So I slowed down to 25 and realised that my windscreen really did need a clean wink.gif


When he later passed me at a junction, I saw that he had a child seat in the back, complete with matching child.


It made me quite angry that this guy wanted me to go faster outside a school. I would have thought that having a child inside his car, and obviously being a parent, that he would have understood the need to slow down outside a school, and would have appreciated my caution, but no.


It just made me mad and I wanted to vent some steam, hence the post. I feel much better now! cool.gif




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I agree completely.


There is a school near to where I work and in the morning there are lots of parents with young childen walking along it plus lots of parked cars for them to run out between. Despite this the speed I've seen some people driving along it is horrifying to put it mildly (and its a 30 limit)


Also, the road I live on doesnt have a footpath and gets used as a ratrun in the mornings by people who dont seem to care about the 30 limit or by the kids (mine included) who are being walked to the primary school nearby.


The view of the local council is that not enough people have been killed to make building a footpath worth the cost.



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Perhaps if one of the councillor's off spring were offered up for sacrifice 1 killing would be enough? Maybe you should write to them and pose this question?


Really jerks me off that they can scatter cameras liberally down roads that don't need them (M25 anyone?), and yet roads as descrdibed here go bare.


Schools should all have cameras outside them. Zig zag lines simply do not do the trick.


A small country lane leading to a train station near me needs a camera placing too. I'm sure some of the old boys in their Saabs think they're Carlsson.

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