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Cheeky Monkeys!


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Ever thought about being a motorbike-riding monkey?!


A group of drunk farting monkeys (sounds like an Area Meeting). Match the pairs! (Advisable to turn the sound up to maximum if in an office environment.)


Be an insane monkey shooting at flying pink elephants!




The classic Space Invaders! But with monkeys.


Macromedia Shockwave required. Have fun.



Rid=blue> 9id=red> 9id=green> 2id=orange> Rid=black> Jid=teal> Mid=purple>


biggrin.gifthumbsup.gifTROIS!id=blue> thumbsup.gifbiggrin.gif

teeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gif70 hours!!! id=red> teeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gifteeth.gif


Edited by - Rich Watson on 9 Jun 2002 23:39:54

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