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Catalyst removal - help please


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Hello OAP.

The sensor is an EGO (Exhaust Gas Oxygen)sensor. Its purpose is to inform the ECU of the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust gases, for it to be able to maintin it in a range compatible with the catalyst function.

If you take the sensor away, there will be no input into the ECU and I don't know how it will be interpreted. I think the ECU will tune the injection on either "full rich" or "full poor", none of which seems really good...

Anybody knows more on the subject?



Cosworth 1600 BDR

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Lambda sensor (O2 sensor) (Oxygen Sensor) exists for the following and is situated above the catalyst in the Caterham scenario.

A comparison between the level of oxygen in the exhasut gas to that in the atmosphere produces an output (electrical) signal. The signal is used by the engine 'closed loop' fuel strategy to make FUELLING corrections and so CONTROL overall emission levels. The fuelling correction is achieved by varying injector pulse duration.

Nothing else to it, no mystery, simply this.

Where there are two sensors - one upstream and one downstream of the catalyst, the comparison of upstream and downstream signals allows determination of catalyst conversion efficiency.


Steve B

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You are absolutely right - when I first read your posting I misunderstood your reply, and was looking for a threaded bolt rearward of the silencer.

Now I've found the bolt on the 4th primary I've been able to get rid of the cat. in favour of the 421, and seal up the air leaks around the ends of the primaries.

What a difference!

Runs clean and easy at low revs, picks up 10 times better, a complete transformation!

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