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Mrs Mav

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Can you imagine the bollocking that Shane Byrne got of his boss after taking out his team mate and trashing both bikes.


After seeing poor Mike Rutter wondering why he's suddenly cartwheeling across the grass at 100mph you think he'll go home scared...


Then he gets on the spare bike and gets 3rd in the next race.thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


Bloody heroes one and all, it somehow makes any car racing look a little unanimated and comparitively safe.


Missing my bike badly now sad.gif



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Just watched some live sidecar racing from the Lausitzring (Spelling ?). Chaotic race - one outfit lost its passenger. Others then slowed down on expectation that race would be stopped - it wasn't so they all had to speed up again. Then the leaders' bike expired on the last lap and they had to push it over the line.
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Sadly no...


We don't have such technology, strictly 5 channels only.


However I did have to endure a whole night of "friend just back from the TT" in the pub last night.


Onlookers would have wondered why someone was sat in a pub lifting his arms up and waggling them every five minutes, then shaking his head and saying "Mad, completely mad".



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