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Dragging off at the lights...


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Does any1 have any interesting stories of cars they've come up against, WRX drivers giving dirty looks, or even failing to catch a car? I would like to know realistically what a 165hp caterham can outrun....Also I was reading a post a while back about ppl giving caterham drivers **** like "get a real car" (even though it is the pinnacle of a 'real' car) was just wonderign if any1 else has had anything blurted at them while they drive along....I'm a bit scared I'll be driving one day and some dick will start to chuck **** at me....well that's if he can keep up with me ;).


d a n s t a r

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I was 'hassled' by a bike once....

Followed me for 10 miles....

Then, said biker decided to illuminate his little blue LED

clocked & filmed at 107.6 mph average..

.. didn't say anything nasty to me though..


And I was real polite to him...


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Well said Dave, there's to much smut and innuendo on this site.bum.gifteeth.gif


Deeps smile.gif

Deep down you know it makes sense.idea.gif


Edited by - deeps on 8 Jun 2002 21:09:49

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mean while back on the topic of dragging cars off at the lights!


I have a bog standard 1.8 k-series and have left standing (both accelerating out of roundabouts and from t/lights) more Audi TT's than I care to mention, a Saab 900 turbo, lots of Merc SLK's and a subaru impreza (not sure what kind as I never saw the back of it) and there was a BMW M3 in northwales who could not keep up untill I lifted off at about 85mph.


It is not something I make too much of a habbit of - more often than not, I will back off if someone "tries it on" as most road users are not aware of the potential dangers and do not know how to drive at speed (other than with cruise control set at 90mph on a motorway).



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Well perhaps the driver had left the hand brake on or something ... because he was making lots of noise but unable to get past me after exiting a roundabout on the A55 (duel carriageway). After I lifted he screamed past and was gone - as far as I could see he was trying very hard!!




by the way .... what exactly is "your ripper"????

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those pesky m5's are AMAZINGLY quick.


i was privileged enough to be let loose in pc's monster once... and was nurturing it around as you do when driving a car with no flywheel to speak of and an indy car clutch ( 2" travel, the weight of an anvil and the bite of a tiger on crack ), when i noticed that a red 911 thought that he could out drag me on an 'on' slip road. i slotted it into the right gear and it was just as if the red 911 had pulled over to park. WHOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEE !


slowed down once on the m'way and let him cruise past in the middle lane feeling dejected.. heh heh heh...


generally try to avoid it though, in the knowledge that around a track or down a good road with viz, we'd leave it all behind. and people that egg us on to do that kind of thing generally don't know their heel from their toe... wink.gif

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Lightened 1.8 SS, best drags to date have been:


1. Ferrari 550 (both rolling start),A322 Bagshot traffic lights. A win.

2. Noble - both joined the dual carriageway at A322 Bagshot from Windlesham, he couldn't catch me sprinting to the lights. When the lights changed I kept with him up to 40-50mph when he proceeded to blow my doors off! (if I'd had any on..)

3. Beemer M3 from Hawley to Blackbush up the dual carriageway, he backed off when I saw him in the mirrors get a 'wiggle' on in the rain! (last I saw of him..)

4. Impreza P1 - he backed off when he got it sideways on the entry slip to the M3 Eastbound trying to catch me from Fleet! (didn't catch me until Lightwater exit..)

5. Various Elises at Bagshot/Lightwater lights (no contest)

6. Ducati 996, dual carriageway from Blackwater to Camberley - kept up for the first 10 feet then he dissapeared FAST pulling a wheelie!


Until the next one.......





C7 MPRid=blue>

Monaco blue, Cycle Wings

cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif


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You KNOW when some is having a go, it's all about intent. I must admit to liking the odd race away from the lights, particularly if the opponent has an "all-badge-and-no-trousers" vehicle like the newer gti's. And salesmen in BMW's of course. Quick getaway, then a smug back-off at the legal limit.


Where it all gets out of hand is when the whole thing continues for miles. I worry about a) what the other driver could do to ME b) what he could do to other people. Was in the Jag last week on the way to work, minding my own business. Some white "R type" thing was close but not hassling though some twisty bits (great in the 7, wallows in the "boat"). When we got to some straighter roads I sped up a fair bit, nothing in front and the white thing obviously wanted to get a hurry on. Before I knew it I we were side-by-side heading into a corner. I backed off in time to let him squeeze between me and an oncoming truck. Road rage had obviously set in, as he continued on in a similar vein, carving up a small gaggle of slow cars ahead. 10 mins up the road who should I spy but white thing, pulled over to the side of the road having had a very small coming together with another car. I feel guilty by association, with hindsight maybe I should not have accelerated until he had got past. No doubt this had been seen as a "race" signal. But how do you know ? This kind of thing does not happen to me very often, but sure as hell scares me when it does.

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You have to watch out for those Type Rs.


As I haven't got a gearbox in the Seven at the moment, my motoring pleasures have been demoted to Type R driving. On Sunday, I was heading up the A31 and noticed a couple of motorbikes arrive in my mirrors, evidently having a good play. I made lots of space and indicated to let them through when the possibility arose and as it turned out one of them was stuck a car further back and was not immediately able to take advantage. In my own turn, I wanted to move past a slower car on the dual carriageway - I engaged an appropriate gear, indicated and moved out and accelerated. Throughout this, I kept an eye on the motorbike in my mirrors and moved in to let him through as appropriate. Seeing as we were on a stretch of dual carriageway I had no need to back off and it became evident that although he had moved through, the impending corner (uphill into Four Marks, a bit of an epic) was of much more concern to him than it was to me. He braked, I kept my foot planted and with clear space I moved through again and enjoyed my corner, sweeping past his mate as well. At the top of the hill we all observed speed limits and social concerns and the two bikers were having a bit of a chat. When the road opened up again on the other side of Four Marks, I indicated clearly and let the two bikes through get waves and thumbs up.


(I just thought I would tell this story because it was an encounter played out with courtesy and mutual respect)


... now imagine if I had been in the Seven...



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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Jag XJ6.


He was behind me at a set of lights at the start of the A3 in Roehampton, pulled out and then overtook me like I was standing still! Couldn't believe it!


When I caught up with him later, I noticed the very small 'Lister' badge....


V. fast car

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