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300 degree cams with valve train (solid lifters) and oily hands inspired head! (vaux)


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Cams are 300 degree inlet, 295 exhaust (Solid profiles).


double valve springs, seats, some shims, titanium caps, and buckets.



cams are weak, but drivable from 1-3k, from 3-5k they build, a rr session at gerald dale suggested 203ft lb@5kish (which it must be said is wildly optamistic, then they're supposed to peak at 8kish.


they are very drivable outside of the powerband, especially in a light car like a 7. They were in a Calibra, then moved to an astra GTE (calibra was too boat like!).


also heavily ported head, done by myself, with guidance from a certain mr oily hands.


The valve train new was (new) 1031.25 inc vat. I'm looking for offers in the region of £650ish. and £200 for the head.


mail me (matt.wanless@virgin.net) for more information.




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