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My uncle is a builder (now retiring) and I helped (I use that term loosely) him with certain parts, although it's quite possible I was more of a hindrance! wink.gif


What ideas are you looking for?


Mine is part brick work, part concrete slabs.




teeth.gif - Self portrait - still unable to remove the smile!

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Mine is being built for me by a pro builder and I've watched him every step of the way out of interest. It seems (as a total onlooker with NO building experience but lots of car type mechanical experience and the usual mix of advanced interior type DIY) to be in its essence a simple process, but one which does rely on a lot of experience backed skill - it's seems to be a bit of an art.


Personally, my garage (which in fairness has a difficult hipped roof, bank excavation to 2 sides, 2 mad curved Georgian windows and a side personell door as well as cavity wall brick/block construction and the bricks themselves had to match the house so were dearer anyway) is costing £11000 all in, job done. I reckon the stuff would have cost me £7000 anyway so he's doing it for 4k. As an idea on timescale, him and his son (skilled in his own right) have been clocking in now for 4 weeks, 5 days a week from 8.30am to 5.30pm and I now have a garage complete minus its roof. The roof (as I said, granted a tough one) he reckons will take him another 3 weeks and that includes the drainage etc) so we are talking about 280 hours approx but then there are 2 people so that makes it 560 hours - ie less than a tenner per hour each.


Now I'm sure the above might be simplistic but it does perhaps illustrate that depending on your skill level you might be better doing some overtime and pay someone else? I mean, even if I could do it where do I find 560 hours of daylight myself?


Good luck!

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Just a thought.


You say it has to be brick built. Is that for Insurance reasons? I've had my Seven with two different insurers, and the've both been happy with a wooden garage (with padlocks and bars on windows).


If you follow this route - a 20 foot by 10 foot garage would cost about £4k + (for a good one) and roughly £1k for concrete base.


Burford Garden Center did mine last year (They obviously do Garages as well as sheds!)



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I supervised the construction of mine utilising labour from guys who do the builing and groundworks on the filling stations for us.

I was controlled heavily by the council as to materials to use.i.e. red glazed engineering bricks/blue slate/tiles for the pitched and hipped roof etc.

Points I would make through emy experience are..........


1) Build it as big as you can..I originally asked for 28 foot length to keep price down, when guys came round for quote they said why 28foot?....you can make it 40 foot, I was amazed the extra 12 foot did not make a huge differnce to material costs and went for it......made up I did.


2)Deffo go for double wall and board the ceiling straight away, I stupidily left the ceiling for a couple of years and have just done it....it's a different place now with no frozen bollox.


3)When they do the base ask them to float it smooth, I asked for mine to be rough tamped (thinking about grip)......it's awful to kneel on!!!!!!


4) Try and get a pit dug in garage.....I would have loved one and asked for one, but when we dug down realised there was a stonking big drain running down centre of garage.......what a sod!


5)For your main enrtance I would without doubt go for a roller shutter door. I went for steel/white plastic coated with remote opening. It is very secure and again I thought it would be out of my budget....it cost £350 fitted complete with motor and 2 key fobs....it's superb coming home from blat and just pressing button.


6) As per earlier thread...as many light as you can fit, and if it's attatched get a pipe from house central heating in there if possible.


7) Finally get sign maker to make up some signs saying "no F***ng lawn mowers,hoovers,propagating trays,old tele boxes or garden furniture to be stored in here" or you won't be able to see the 7 in 6 months time!!!


Kenny SLR (Tidy garage with Air chamber and all the sh1te in her greenhouse)




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Just spent the day mixing and laying 3 cubic meters of concrete. The things we do for our Sevens! My back is so B****y knackered it will be a month before I can get in the car. Still it will be nice to have a proper flat and level surface to work on. Yes the next upgrade is suspension. Can't wait to get this garage finished.



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