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Ignition Light - 2.0 VXL

Harry Flatters

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I have a slightly weird occurence with my ignition light.


From cold, the light comes on with the ignition and goes out as normal once the engine is running (although it does need a good blip on the throttle to get it to go out the first time from cold). Then, if the engine is stopped after a blat (nice & hot) and I then turn the ignition back on I get no light. Everything works OK, car starts etc but no ignition light. It is always OK from cold. No loose connections behind dash or alternator.


Any ideas out there??


Steve Mell

PTM 88

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I'll go with Steve - a bad warning lamp winding or rectifier in the alternastor sounds likely.


Next time you get the problem, ground the small wire on the alternator to the block and if fault is within alternator the light will come on. be carful not to ground the main charging feeds - that'd be a bad thing....


Fat Arn

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Mine is hard wired to the battery. I know this because I forgot to attach it to the alternator once and it earthed on the chassis tube it was lying on. Within 10 seconds, the alternator part of the loom started smouldering and melted. When I disassembled it, I traced the melted wire back to the battery.


Do not earth this wire!

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