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Trackday at Zandvoort in July !!!


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The german track-day-organisation PISTENCLUB (www.pistenclub.de) is thinking about doing a track-day at Zandvoort-circuit on the dutch coast. This is an excellent track with some fast/slow/sweeping corners, up´s & down´s, quick parts, slow parts, fantastic to drive in a Caterham and in beautifull surrounding, just 400 metres to the sandy beach.


The date we´re talking about is July 16th, a tuesday, two days after the race of the Caterham-Yokohama-Rial-Challenge at Zandvoort (Eurocup !!!!!). The costs for the complete tuesday will be just 285 Euro per car, so VERY good value and a great opportunity for giving your 7 a kick again.


The noise-limit is not fixed yet but will probably be around 95dB. This sounds hard but it´s not measured directly on the track, some way into the dunes. Should be no problem for a Caterham, we were told that the track owners are not so strict with road legal cars.


I think that could be a stunning weekend, watching the Eurocup and other race series on sat/sun, one day off for the wife (or beer) and a superb trackday on tuesday in mid-summer.


However, the track must be booked by the beginning of next week and Ralph from the pistenclub asked me to check out if there might be interest among our british friends.


So, anyone interested ?




P.S.: You can also mail directly to Ralph, info@pistenclub.de


I´ll keep this topic updated about noise-limit etc. We might get a higher one, perhaps.


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Zandvoort is cheaper, more sunny, more beachy, more fun.


But I think they might kill you at the entry-gate with your Ultima, John. Talking about being too noisy...teeth.gif


Keep it coming !



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