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Team Bentleys' new site........


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Pet hate - HTML coders who make Browsers open maximised new windows. Very Naff.


If I wanted it full screen I can press the relevant button myself.


Why do big companies pay so much money for such rubbish, just because some HTML monkey tells them its kool.


I'll be finding out that Bentley's have can holders soon!


The cars might be nice, but thier web designers suck big time, hope the engineerings better!



Greg, Q 880 RAE (Green/Ali XF)

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Isn't this using BlatChat as a forum to advertise in ?


It's a thin line from informing us of something to every new website being posted as a new thread. There is already a sevens link site.


In any case, a Bentley is not a seven so why post it here.



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take a look and let us know what you think


So you have nothing to do with the Bentley site then? We don't get offended on here wink.gif we just don't like people pushing other sites on here. There is enough advertising on the web as it is thank you.



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No I have nothing to with the Team Bentley site at all.


Sorry if I have violated my terms and coditions of membership

by posting this, just thought people would appretiate it.


I agree there is far too much advertising on the net as it is.

Think I will go and lay some rubber on another thraed now ;)



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I don't give much for Bentley's chances of even starting - according to their clock they will be starting the race in 6 days 20hrs. I make that exactly 24hrs after everyone else has finished.


Reg Marjason


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