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Instrument fuse keeps blowing - any ideas ?

Nick Woods

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The fuse which controls my fuel gauge, water temp, oil pressure, rev counter and heater fan has blown twice in succession - its a 10 amp one labelled 'instruments and heater'. It blew the first time when I braked fairly hard to slow down for a 30mph speed limit.


I replaced it, and with the ignition on but engine not running the fuel gauge and heater worked. However when I started the engine they all went dead again and when I pulled the fuse it had blown.


I suspect either a duff connection, loose wire or faulty instrument, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a common or obvious cause I could look at first to save me some time ?


Failing that I think I'll just disconnect all the instruments and reconnect them one at a time with the engine running until the fuse blows again - are there any pitfalls I need to be aware of or will this strategy be ok ?



P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings

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