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ecu fuse and starting etc

David Gee

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Had a problem the other day thought someone might be interested in.


Car running well with no battery probs. Parked outside main entrance of B&Q Farnborough and when returned toc ....no start..just click.


All other electrics worked ok and after much exasperation discoved bottom elect fuse is for engine ecu. So replaced 20A fuse with 20A fuse from horn and heh presto we are back in action.


Had thought it was a stuck starter solonoid and got stange looks when hitting same with end of umbrella !


Always carry spare 20A fuse from now on !



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Caterham confirmed yesterday that ECU fuse should be changed to 30 amp. Hope this solves the problem for you. A number of us blatchatters have this ongoing problem which relates to K series and seems to occur when engine is hot. A search of archives will be of assistance.


Paul R.


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This happened to me next in line to run at Curborough. Some of you might have seen a red SLR towed back to the paddock.

Never mind - lessons learnt and I now carry a full complement of spare fuses.



Andy Mac

teeth.gif Team Langoustine. Hard Core Prawn. See you at LeHoux teeth.gif

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