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Removing the Cat

Tom Butcher

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I cam to the conclusion to put my catback on. It might give you a few BHP but after some reading mainly on the MG forums it looks as if removing the cat can decrease power with some engines.


For 2009 all car need at cat for hill climbs and sprints so was another reason, also every year swopping exhaust was a pain.


hope this helps.


I am sure that many will say remove the cat it will give you massess of bhp and is the best thing since sliced bread.



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Tomas mentioned that there has been a lot of talk about this on a French forum as it seems that the VVC is popular over there - the general consensus was that removing the cat indeed led to a drop in power.


With someone posting dyno graphs a few weeks ago after fitting throttle bodies on his VVC, that showed a 15hp gain but a significant drop in torq under 6250 rpm, I have decided to leave my VVC alone and enjoy it as it is 😬


Well, there is always the Turbo Technics VVC supercharger upgrade *eek*

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