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FS: Tyres - now with pics and price


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Having a bit of a clearout so am selling these tyres:


1) 2 x CR500's. 205/55 R13. Pretty much down to the tread markers but more than fine for track days. They came with a set of wheels I bought, but I don't use tyres this size.


2) 4 x A048R's. 185/60 R13. Again fine for track days - (they are still road legal I think as they are not down to the tread marker except in one or two places). They have gone bit "grainy" so they are trackday tyres not race tyres.


3) 4 x A048R's. 185/60 R13. I haven't checked the tread markers but I would assume they are pretty close. These are not grainy, and I would keep them myself for track day tyres, but I'm going through race tyres pretty quickly so I've got another set I'm going to use for track days !


I'm in Surrey near J3 of the M3 if that helps.



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That would be a good idea !


Set 1





£10 each tyre + P&P (or you pick up or we meet somewhere, whichever works best)


Set 2

Tyre Set 1


Tread left on these - loads


Tread and surface


As you can see loads of tread left - in fact they're probably still road legal for a little while - and fine for track days. It's just that I have new tyres for racing so I want to free up some space instead of keeping these for track days.


£20 each tyre + P&P etc.


Set 3



Wheels not included!


Tread and surface




More tread !


£20 each tyre + P&P etc.

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