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*wavey* Blue7, don't take no shute from taht Delybert, he knowws his Wleshie verry wll but his keyboord speeling *eek* is FAMOUS. As for GJT taking the piss for a 'w' not an 'e' here in the shed even mice do that *wink*.


The person here you must look out for who can't type/smell (I mean spell) is the French idiot making planes - my god no wonder I don't fly


So sit on the sofa, have a beer an tell us about your car....




(PS After my first posting down here Ash was very very very very rude 😳 - if I was Del I would call him a sheep shagging wonker 😬)



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LOL Richard!


I am just about to sit down and have something a wee bit stronger than a beer.


As you ask, my car is a new CSR260, just traded in my 1.8K Roadsport for it in May. It is a real animal but there are a couple of issues that I may post with a suitable "topic" later on tomorrow. First issue, can't fill up with petrol without using a plastic tube which has to be fed past the anti-siphon flap because most petrol pump nozzles will not get past the flap. Caterham say remove the flap or bend it back with a screwdriver *eek*


Second issue is an oil leak at the bell / sump assy, not a major leak but enough to irritate me as well as make a mess on the garage floor. Caterham have not produced any schematics for the CSR so I am not sure what is contained in the bell / sump assy (other than engine oil), that may be causing the leak or whether it is just a failed silicone seal. Local agent not too keen on breaking the seal on the new cosworth engine and I would not be at all happy to have to drive it all the way from Aberdeenshire back to Caterham Midlands where I would no doubt have to return home by train and travel back by train when it was repaired.


On the bright side, it is frighteningly quick, as a red ferrari driver discovered recently *biggrin*





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Nice car *thumbup*, twice the power of mine - must go well *wink*. There is one place I am 'considerably quicker than you' though, if you have a bag tank, unscrew cap, put nozzle in, fill up to the brim in 30 seconds easy peasy. There is a guy in Glasgow who will put you right on the filling problem - he has spent hours 'sorting it' just find a post from Myles and blatmail him. The oil leak - who knows.



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Welcome Blue7, sorry, I read the post and not the accompanying information. *redface*


However Scots or Welsh - all Celts of one sort or another; I can not understand Welsh or Gaelic I assure you.


Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty.

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So was it you in that fecking micra wearing a black shawl and granny wig as a disguise?


I wonder who it was then...... *confused*




Dave Ardley. White Xflow with Clams

The Bearded Clams

King Clam Of Clam Hill!

NEW Updated Photos here

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