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New radiator with bleed pipe? How does that work?!


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I've got a new Caterham aluminium rad with the plastic tanks. It's come with a pipe with a bolt in the end and there appears to be a place to fix it onto one of the tanks, so I'm guessing this can be used for bleeding.


Firstly, how do you bleed using this pipe? Secondly, there is only one plug on the rad and it's in the same tank as the connection for the bleed pipe. I'm guessing since there is only one plug it should become the drain plug, but then why would you bleed from the bottom of the radiator? Thinking about it, perhaps it's not a plug for filling/draining it's where I should put the sensor that I've got in the top of my current rad (temp/pressure?), in which case it should be at the top along with the bleed pipe... yes? *confused*


Confused and perplexed, help appreciated! *smile*




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