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Cheap R500?


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I've been asked to sell an R500 on behalf of a friend who doesn't have an interweb connection (or any interest in selling cars). However, i've got no idea what it's worth so i'm asking for advice before advertising properly.


It's a 2004 car with 7000 miles, engine rebuilt last year in R101(?) spec with stack dash, full cage etc etc.


cosmetically it's a bit tatty with the odd dent and scratch and signs of rust in the usual places (bottom of roll cage mount, wishbones etc).


i've not seen an R500 for sale at under £20K yet but I have no idea where this car sits relative to the competition.


any suggestions/offers? a very quick car and easily tarted up again for anyone with the time/facilities.


ETA: comes with a set of slick-shod barmby alloys and spare set of Minators with A021R's. Also available Minno trailer with fuel box and tyre rack.





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The green bewinged R500 was sold off at a bonkersly cheap price a couple of years ago - c£18K IIRC - complete with trailer (minno shuttle IIRC), several sets of wheels, R101 engine, and various other bits. Has to be the best bargain I've even seen as far as Caterhams goes.


From this thread.


Don't know how that compares.



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further to this - I now have the car here and need to sell it ASAP. it's currently got a load of spares including original exhaust & headers, spare wheels as mentioned, side-doors (full and half) and leather headrests from the original seats. also have a minno sport with fuel box and high-level tyre rack.


looking for £20K for the lot for a quick sale. pics available on request (jonny AT bookatrack DOT com)


If I don't get any interest in the next fortnight or so then i'll split it all and list everything seperately on eBaY.







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Might be a good idea to edit the PH ad to say that the trailer and wheels are included within the £17k. At the moment it still says they are available separately.


Good luck with the sale.






Back in a BEC!

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