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Mounting sat nav in the 7


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Not in the position you mention but mine fits neatly on top of the scuttle behind the aero to the left of the steering wheel. Slim old model Navman in this case. Doubt you could get one of the bubble backed TomTom's or the like to fit there though.


Wouldn't you have terrible trouble seeing it down so low under the dash?



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I use a pda type sat-nav and use velcro to hold it to the tunnel top behind the gearstick.

Only glance down occasionally, usually just listen.

Soon, I will need a replacement as the pda is ancient and unreliable.


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I use mine when travelling alone - bought specially for a trip last year across France.


I have it mounted on the dash and it sits tucked just under the left half of the toneau - keeping the weather off and shading it from the sun. I used the corcular shiny self adheisive do-dahthat came with it.







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With no 'screen I've managed to adapt a circular table saw adjusting spanner, drilled through the toughened metal three holes at then open end and secured it to the spa mirror stanchion.


Then the other end has a bigger hole to secure the existing screw mounting to the satnav. It sits away from the dash so all the gauges can be seen easily. Amazingly it stays virtually shake free.


As it's exposed to the elements it has a Proporta rubber skin specifically designed for my model (Tomtom 700). It's been blasted by bugs going to Le Mans and soaked through coming back from Spa, and it still works fine.




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Holy old thread resurrection Batman!


Windscreen suction mount, and a clear plastic bag with twist-it for when it gets torrential.


Although I would usually have put the half hood on if it's bad so only had to use the bag once I think!


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