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cold air


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I have noticed something that I think is related to the poor location of the air filter on at least the R400 Duratec. When the car is at speed, the air is circulating under the bonnet and the engine gets sufficient (more or less) air to keep going. The thing I noticed though is that it starts to run rich with the ambient temps up. Then, if I stop and shut off the engine and then try to refire it after maybe a minute or so, it would hesitate (upto 10 sec at times). I can feel the heat in the footwell, so I assume the air under the bonnet is too hot to be dense/cold enough to allow for the most efficient operation. Perhaps that's why the C400 and R500 have those fancy airboxes. I am not very keen on the look of it though, so I was wondering how the guys who did a cold air intake modification of their own had gone about doing it. I was thinking of routing some flexible ducting from the throttle body to the front of the car somewhere and relocating the airl filter there.


Any ideas/hints/tips and pictures would be greatly appreciated! *thumbup* *wavey*

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I did exactly that on my K series supersport engine.


I took 1m of silicon hose (78mm dia) and attached it to the end of the inlet plenhum and then routed it to the front of the car and made a shroud aroudn the radiator .


didnt appear to make a blind bit of difference but it did wind up some of the more sensitive sprint competitors who felt it would make the car mega fast 😬

pics on link below


the other thing to do is to try driving with the bonnet off. And finally check the location of the inlet air temp sensor.


It does sound like a mapping issue to me.




here is C7 TOP

Taffia rear gunner


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when you start the car do you press the accelerator, i was told never to touch the pedal on starting. something to do with the ecu and it's memory *confused*possibly

i always start mine outside the car and let it warm up a little prior to driving off.

mines never stuttered when its hot or cold


Duratec is the way forward!! Here

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Here's my lash up. Works very well indeed. I did wonder if there would be any heat soak / hot air problems from the rad heat at idle / around town but it seems fine.




The airbox pics perhaps won't be of interest but it makes her super quiet induction wise compared to the usual open ITG filter...


Add lightness, says the man with a VX :-)

My 2002/2003 racing pics


General pics (mostly of 7's and cars).



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Thanks guys! *thumbup* I think this is the kind of setup that makes sense to me as well. I will ponder over the design in the winter days, I think. After a 150-mile trip today (what an insane car - my wife and I had so much fun blatting about), the car ran absolutely fine and started right away. Some of it must have been due to the colder morning air, I suspect. But as a long-term solution, the filter must go up front.


Pat: no, never press the "fun" pedal on starts. Not since the days of carbs. 😬

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