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Crossflow Emissions


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Posted for a friend who is taking his Crossflow engined 7 back to Germany where they are rather strict about emissions (and a lot of other things! *nono*). He asks:-


"Is there a table for emissions allowed / target value, etc. for the 150 bhp Roger King prepared crossflow engine with 2X40 Weber's? Need to export this car to Germany and need emission certificate for the 'famous' TÜV in order to get it through. Any experience from anybody 🤔"

Many thanks, Frank.


Paul Forster

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Highly unlikely I would have thought. VOSA couldn't even get my crossflow emissions right on the V5 after about a dozen letters and in the end they gave me a letter that effectively said that the MOT tester was to ignore what was on the computer as the my car was exempt in the UK.
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Sorry, there aren't any official figs because it wasn't necessary over here. For what it's worth, I would expect a heathly engine to that spec to idle at around 3% CO and 400ppm HC. However, this can very quite a bit depending on exact spec. It is essential to have the carbs balanced and the idle mixtures optimised to get these sorts of figures.
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In france, we need to turn in the richness screw

as it is only an idle control

for 1 and 1/2 turn

and open them again after the control


If you don't do that no possibility to succed in the emission conrtol



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