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Boot capacity


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It seems like quite a basic query but I've noticed there seems to be a not inconsiderable difference between the depth of the boot area of a live-axle 7 compared to a DeDion.


I presume the design of the DeDion allows a larger amount of 'usable' space (all things are relative) but does anyone know how much difference in capacity/depth there is?


Doing LM next week, need to know if I should send a bag on the lorry or notwink.gif. Ta.


Rid=blue> 9id=red> 9id=green> 2id=orange> Rid=black> Jid=teal> Mid=purple>


biggrin.gifthumbsup.gif6!id=purple> thumbsup.gifbiggrin.gif


Edited by - Rich Watson on 6 Jun 2002 01:02:30

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