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I wasnt quite sure which section to put this in - things you would like to see / problems or concerns / off topic (!!!) but I heard from my husband today that a man was carted off by the police for sunbathing naked on the park in front of goldstraw lane today.


Oh, and they took his sun lounger in their car with him too!!!


I queried this, saying that surely he just had flesh coloured shpeeeedos on, but apparently not....he heard the police man telling him to cover himself up.


How strange. This sun is obviously making people do some bonkers things




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OK, it wasnt me, alright?


The in ternet, a place where people can be as rude, arrogant and obtuse as they like, a place where we are all experts on everything and none of us has ever ever made a mistake!






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I've checked, my hubby was at work all day yesterday. He calls it work but ended up golfing at 3pm - anywho, it couldn't have been him..............


I feel for you hubby mandyf - he must feel violated now....






Ugly women are more gratefull and could serve a purpose , doesn't mean you will look good with one on your arm

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