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Ultimate Supergroup


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Given the comments with regard to various acts on at Liz Windsor's tea party t'other night, and the comments that today's music, in comparison to the gud ol' days, is (on the whole) utter sh*te. How about a few suggestions for the ultimate band?


Starter for 10:


Drums: John Bonham

Bass: Mark King

Guitar: Jimmy Page

Vocals: Ian Gillan

Keyboards: Jon Lord


or perhaps:


Drums: Cozy Powell

Bass: Geezer Butler

Guitar 1: Angus Young

Guitar 2: Mark Knopfler

Vocals: Anastasia (Not all new stuff is pants, don't forget!!)


Any other offers??






PS: I've only been visiting this site since Nov last year, if it's been done b4, soz

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Drums - Keith Moon- nobody comes close in my book.

Lead Guitar - SRV or EVH or JH

Rhythm Guitar - EVH for noisy stuff, Mark Knopfler for the more subtle stuff. Both fantastic rhythm guitarists, even if it's not what they're known for. Third possible choice would go to Johnny Marr and I couldn't leave out a few bars of Keith Richards' open G tuned chords

Bass - John Entwhistle or Paul McCartney circa 1966

Vocals - Robert Plant or Margot Timmins with Kirsty Macoll doing harmonies.






Alex Wong




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Mark King on bass??? Only if you want it to sound like the musical interludes on Seinfeld....


Great though Mr King is, he is a little to jazz funk for a supergroup.


Nobody mentioned Sting and his fretless bass......


Phil Collins is an excellent drummer - I saw the video on the making of the George Martin album and was convinced just how good he is.



Lead guitar - bloke from ZZtop


Vocals - Kylie or Shania





Fat Arn

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teeth.gif I hope you included Jimi becuse of his playing skills and not the criteria under which you selected the others in your little group Noger.


Definitely Holly V on vocals....in a thong. wink.gif


SL = Heaven teeth.gif


Edited by - al crickmore on 6 Jun 2002 09:56:30

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Noger. LOL teeth.gif Love it.


Mark. If you look closely next time you watch it there was at least one old ringer in that bevy of Beauties. You can't hide that sort of ugly with a bucket load of make-up. The funny thing is he still swears he was superimposed over those girls to this day. After all it was an awfully degrading video. Can't understand how he didn't look round once. I'd have been singing with my back to the camera if that lot had been standing behind me.


SL = Heaven teeth.gif

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Roger Waters - Vocals

Dave Gilmore - Guitars

Nick Mason - Percusion

Richard Right - Keyboards


Not sure what to call them tho.


Andy Mac

teeth.gif Team Langoustine. Hard Core Prawn. See you at LeHoux teeth.gif

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Ah. Mr Gilmour, a Guitar Genius.

Mr Waters, a seriously depressed human being.

Mr Mason, owner of the odd Ferrari.

Mr Wright. Yeah, he was quite good on that keyboard thing. wink.gif


And we can't forget poor Syd. Poor Syd pretty much forgot everything didn't he.


teeth.gifK7 ACTteeth.gif


Edited by - al crickmore on 6 Jun 2002 10:46:52

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How about:


Drums: Keith Moon or Bonham or Buddy Rich

Keyboards: Liberace

Guitar: Jimi Hendrix

Bass: The one out of Lynard Skynard (Was he on the plane??)

Vocals: Elvis or Jim Morrison or Bon Scott


That'd be dead good that, you'd have to turn it up for them to hear it but I reckon it'd work.


What about a name??






Edited by - SJ on 6 Jun 2002 14:09:43

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The Deadbeats?

Why no-one mention Stevie Ray Vaughan, or that blind mate, Jeff Healey? Now there's talent. Both guitarists of great notecool.gif and could sing a bit too!


Steve B

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drums: stewart copeland, or keith moon. the rest are just tub-thumpers, including phil collins, chester and bonham. ian moseley was good with stewart copeland on the propaganda album in the 80s.


guitar: chap out of mansun. don't know his name, but he's young and superb. or the edge. innovative and interesting. gilmore's good too. also innovative. kind of like the guitaring on the kula shaker album too. that's whassisname, hayley mills' son ain't it?


bass: difficult as they are often so much in the background. i've played alongside a number of good bass players, but they rarely shine through as someone loved by the audience. as a drummer, i tended to steal the limelight, but if your bass player sung as well.... so it may have to be sting.


vox: daltry is still energetic. there's plenty of female vox worthy such as annie lennox. kylie, whilst cute and undoubtably a good singer, isn't "supergroup" material. sting has an undeniably flexible voice, but david bowie probably beats them all.

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