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Tyres again - different slant


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My Seven runs 205/45x16 tyres, which probably limits my choice a bit.


It is used all the year round on a daily basis, regardless of the weather. So I'd like to know what the collected minds of Blatchat think is the best of the current favourite tyres in the wet?


And where's the best place to buy them?


LEO 3eggs

Another Slightly Vider SeVen



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I use the Scudo's as *arrowup* on mine as recommended via BC. It's the first time I've put a more 'budget' tyre on a car and I have to say I've been impressed. My reason for choosing them was that I was doing 25k a year in all weathers. I found them very good in the wet especially standing water / heavy rain etc. I haven't tried many different tyres on a 7 but think they're ok in the dry when warm.


edited to add I get mine from a local place near Oxford but when I lived in Surrey I got them from Tadworth Tyres. Excellent service, ask for Peter. They don't carry them in stock so he'll need a few days to order them in.


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Whilst looking for wider rear Kumho's in any diameter I noticed they do some 16"


Now I have no experience the 16" V70 Ecsta's but the 13" works great.


Have a look at the sizes here


Looks attractive. Compounds are the same as the 13"


I know what I would do!


I can find out the costs if you want.


Giving it some Welly. As Always!

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Thanks for the suggestions.

My pockets aren't deep enough for two sets of wheels and tyres! *rolleyes* Besides, in an English summer I'd be forever swapping over 😬


And as I'm going to replace all five, Kumho's are a bit too expensive..............


So I'll be trying out the Scudos. Do they come in different compounds? ISTR previous strings suggested soft/mediu, fronts and medium/hard rears? Or have I got that back to front?


LEO 3eggs

Another Slightly Vider SeVen


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