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SVA regs for side repeater positions?

The Pikey

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Hi Jason,


I put them at the front end of my wings. I wish I hadn't because they look pish and now I've removed them there is the holes where I drilled the wings.


Try and avoid fitting them, they add weight after all.


Might be able to borrow someone elses wings or just leave them off and see if you get away with it at the SVA?



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If they are on the cycle wings, they can be positioned anywhere because the angles from which it can be seen are almost identical.

If they are positioned elsewhere, the SVA clause states "providing it is clearly visible to other road users to the rear of the nearside and offside of the vehicle".

To me this is vague! I wanted to fix mine to the side of the indicator pod but this can be hidden by the front cycle wing from some [low] angles. Same could be said if they are fixed to nose cone.

If they are fixed to side of car behind the front wheels, all should be well.

Taking this clause to the extreme though would imply that you could fix them to the REAR wings or even further back and pass OK *confused* *eek*

I like the position on the side of the scuttle best *thumbup* Another good position is the side of the headlight bowl itself *thumbup*


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I have some of Lind's cycle wings and want to fit them for SVA if I can. I remember when I took my last one for SVA the guy put his clipboard against the repeters and eyed across the front. I don't know what he was checking. I'll just get some E marked repeters and stick em on I think. The examiner can always add it to the list of fails


Currently, I am qualified to plead ignorance.



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2004 I passed SVA with repeater on the sideskins mounted just ahead of the front of the pedal box and just elow the line of the top chassis rail. Equivalent position on the nearside of course. No comment from the tester other than "They do flash amber don't they" on arrival. This wsa prompted by the clear lenses. The ones I have are actuall amber LED's behind a clear lens.



Sussex (West) AR

Not forgetting Percy the Polar Bear

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