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Brakes again..............


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EBC Green Stuff brake pads for sprints and road.

EBC Red Stuff for track days.


I think the above summarises (perhaps over-simplifies) the brake pad debate based upon what I've seen on previous similar threads.


I've just put Green Stuff on the front for sprints and I might get a front set of Red ready if I do a track day because I understand Green is likely to start fading after three hard laps.


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MDB1287 is the part no for the rears don't know the fronts as I have uprated type


Caterham now fit Mintex 1202's but used to fit 1144's.


I also use 1155's as the car is mostly used for trackdays but they're fine for road use as well



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Simplistically Mintex do competition pads in three flavours, these are M1144 which are "fast road", M1155 which are "race" and M1122 which are "hillclimb". These are loose terms and what's fast road on a BMW M3 is quite likely a good track day or even race pad on a Caterham.


Mintex road pads seem to have a range of compounds, I've seen M1133, someone else posted M1202.


Again simplistically M1122 are rough equivalents to green stuff, M1144 to red stuff and presumably M1155 to yellow stuff.

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