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K valve stem seals as used by Hellier.

Paul Deslandes

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I am helping a friend with a K series in France.


He intends to replace the valve stem seals on a K16 head originally prepared by Hellier who are either no longer in business or uncontactable. I understand he used a non standard seal but have no idea what to order. I would prefer to source the parts before carrying out the work as the car is still in use.


Any info would be very helpful.


Many thanks






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I had a Hellier head with modified stem seals from a Nissan - I understand the dimensions are the same as regular rover ones - the differnce was in the design of the scraper section. It might be worth checking if the rover ones are the same dimensions on the bench rather than try and scource and then modify the nissan ones - there wouldnt appear to be any issue with the rover ones *smile*


here is C7 TOP

Taffia rear gunner


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I always knew I was the moral victor, I also have a lovely piece of paperwork from the courts to console myself with the loss of £4500 ☹️ 🙆🏻 🙆🏻


I sleep well at night though *smile*


Once again thank you for your help turning my tale of woe around Dave, top man *thumbup* *thumbup*


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