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Dave Wilson

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Thanks chaps, yes I'm fed up with 1A's. We used some borrowed Khumo's at Harewood last weekend and it was a revelation. I don't understand why this rule can't be changed to allow decent road legal 1B tyres in the road going class, so we're jumping ship into the racing car class. Don't think I've got quite enough power or talent to get to your times Dave, but we'll give it a go!





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So the concensus is to go with Kumho Estca V700 in soft compound, seems ok to me, therefore I can keep similar setup to current as starting point. Best get them ordered then *smile* *smile* where's the best place to buy them from?






Edited by - Dave Wilson on 11 Jul 2008 16:12:03

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My Mate!


Mel Williams Motorsport Tyres. You won't find him on the web its just a hoby that pays his fuel to take his wagon to the British Rallycross Champs and change their tyres etc.


I would again say that I know of no one who has tried the 16" V70a Ecsta.


However the 13" are magic and the compounds are the same.


I'll ask Mel for a price. But its likely to be next week before I get it as Kumho are now closed till Monday!



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