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adrian watt

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I'd just like to add to Mark Gile's comments to express my sincere thanks to all our team members who helped me and my fellow drivers at this year's Nurburgring 24 hrs.


Our race would not of been possible at all without Geoff, our team manager, ably assisted by, in no particular order! Rebecca, Naomi, Suzzi, Sally, Mario, Dermott, Peter, Allan, James, kids and all.


Finishing 1st in he class we entered and 3rd in the class in the class we were put in (up to 2.0L ), 94th overall on a tupence hapenny budget at a fraction of the cost of the cars ahead of us with much more power and grip for the second year running is a satisfying expererience for all concerned.


Actually we had more than our share of drama to contend with including a potentially huge accident at the bottom of the foxholes absolutely flat out, malfunctioning fuel pumps, non functioning fuel gauge, broken dedion tube, non starting starters, a smashed sump at 2.00am in the morning, not to mention the drivers who couldn't count to 8 !!!


Some 'armchair' spectators would be forgiven for thinking a 24hr race starts about an hour before the event............


In reality, with no proper sleep since about Monday previous, the time the race starts at 2.00pm on saturday, you are absolutely *****d with the daunting prospect of racing wheel to wheel, and closer at times!, with Porches, Vipers, M3's ect....for another 24hrs.


Congratulations to the Caterham factory team for their class win and excellent 11th overall, this was a seriously funded and executed effort and deserved all its success.


Credit also to the race organisers for such a wonderful event wherein rank amateurs on miminal budgets can race against true professionals including ex. formula one stars in exotic machinery watched by 150,000 crazy spectators who have to be seen to be believed, even at 2.00am in the morning the access roads where chock-a-block.


Also gratitude to the man above for wonderful weather and no fatal accidents this year, underestimate at your peril, the Nordschleife is a very dangerous place particularly in race conditions.


Anyway, enough of all that until next time maybe??? Once again from Mark, James, Ross and me. A huge thankyou to all our crew and enthusiastic supporters around the legendary circuit




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Adrian, thanks for the kind words.


On behalf of the support crew I would like to thank you for having the car and finding the tupence-happeny budget and setting it up so we could help.


I would not have missed it for the world, an intense experience, adrenalin highs, emotional lows - at one point we were convinced the car was trying for 10 laps - which it did not have fuel for - and was overdue. I for one thought it was all over.


Turned out that it had only done 9 laps but had been slowed by lots of yellows and had also been in to be weighed... phew!


Hope to see everyone next year



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Sorry for the delay in acknowleging those very kind words and to say what a fantastic experience it was, again. From the sublime weekend in Nurburgring, complete with lack of sleep to the ridiculous, a visit this week to the Lada plant with vodka...(They still make the old Fiat 124 version!!!!!)


The budget might be relatively small but enthusiasm, good basic car and race knowledge and plenty of tape can make up for a lot..


'Same procedure next year' ??

Geoff, Rebecca and Mario.

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