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spotted canterbury

h.p.c. peter

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BRG yellow clamshells lotus sparewheel cover on the A2 at canterbury saturday pm,sideways on to the A2 banging on the rev limiter in every gear 120mph + blonde woman driving,prehaps her husband needs to "ring" her too check his cars at home
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Must be the same one that flew past me. I didn't know a 7 could 'kangaroo' so fast.


Chris Alston


1800 Supersprintid=green> - Loud and Proud teeth.gif ...well it only sounds fast officer blush.gif

Brooklands aeroscreens for that real open top motoring feeling eek.gif

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Sounds remarkably like 935CPC - right car, right area of God's County, right driving style.


But was it really a blonde woman driving? What have you been up to, Suzi?biggrin.gifwink.gif Does Chris know? (I suspect he does now)


Rid=blue> 9id=red> 9id=green> 2id=orange> Rid=black> Jid=teal> Mid=purple>


biggrin.gifthumbsup.gifCINQid=maroon> thumbsup.gifbiggrin.gif

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