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wiring-in an additional oil pressure warning light...


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I've bought the somewhat simple 'kit' on offer from Caterham (and formerly James Whiting), consisting of a) an oil pressure sensor, b) a large red warning light and bulb.


Can anyone offer tips/advice on fitting this and wiring it up (I'd also like to put a 12v buzzer in-line [or even the horn!] to sound with the light to increase my chances of actually spotting problems and shutting the engine down before its too late).


If anyone has a copy of instructions issued by Mr Whiting with his kit or has done this mod. themselves recently then I'd be very grateful - I'm going to have a go at fitting it this coming weekend to a 1.6k.




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My oil pressure switche was wired up in the following way:


12V supply (switched with ignition) to one side of the warning lamp on the dash

Other side of lamp wired to oil pressure switch (return).

When no (or low) pressure is present the oil pressure switch will "switch" the lamp (return) to ground (via the engine block) and the lamp will light.


Top Tip...Don't use too much PTFE tape when fitting the "Tee piece" as this can insulate the switch from the block and result in a poor electrical connection.


There is a picture of my fitted switch in the "winter rebuild" section of Se7en-Up



79' Crossflow Supersprint

"The original X-Power"

www.Se7en-Up.co.uk id=green>


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