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just got a quote for insurance from competition car insurance this is the people that are on caterhams web site the price was £302.00 for R400 full comp which also includes all track days and events aranged by lotus 7 club and caterham included at no extra cost. sounds good can i do better.


footman james wanted £350.00 no track day cover


is there a better deal out therequestion.gif





fredid=blue> eek.gif

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What are your details: ncb, garage, limited mileage etc. - this seems like a good quote for CC! (or certainly better than mine)!

Flux were the cheapest when I was looking but I didn't go with them due to all the bad customer relations press they receive. I wait with baited breath to see Tom's outcome as I suspect that they are all as bad as one another when pay-out time comes around, in which case I would simply go for the cheapest price (assuming equal levels of cover).

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