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All Steel Cross Flow


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For Sale, probably one of the fastest crossflows in the UK ;


1800 all steel cross flow built by Roger King last year and set up by Roger on the Rollers. All the components you would expect in a first class engine including 45's, Weber Alpha mapped ignition, 264 cam and sketelon flywheel.


The chassis is a 1990 dedion, which has been uprated as follows ;-


1. 6 speed gear box and paddle clutch

2. 3.64 diff ( 3.92 Crown wheel and pinion comes with car )

3. Momo wheel

4. Single aero screen on Caterham stanchion

5. SLR wheels with ACB 10's

6. Cloth adjustable seats

7. Fia roll bar

8. Tonneau/boot cover

9. R500 front suspension and Leda adjustable shock absorbers

10. Uprated springs front and rear

11. Flat floor set up ( for 16 stone driver )

12. 6 point harness

13. Stack rev. counter


Factory painted black.


£12K spend in the last 24 months. Car has hardly been used over the years.


Genuine reason for reluctant sale.


Sensible offers considered.Please mail to address below





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